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Luci Ana

I saw the Osteopath, Matteo Lucchini and he was amazing!! He is gifted and he has gifted hands to heal people! He has a passion for what he makes and you’ll sure learn a lot from him. Besides sharing his knowledge and skills, he also shares the sympathy and charisma of an Italian. I truly recommend!


Angela Keary

I have had a few appointments now with Matteo for low back pain and joint issues. His sessions have all helped me immensely and I feel more aligned. He is also a lovely warm person who truly cares for his patients and I am glad that I found a good osteopath to help when I need it.

Stephen O'Mahony

Matteo is an expert in his chosen field and clearly loves his work. He really can pin point exactly the source of issues and after how ever many sessions you will need you will leave feeling energetic, pain free and with a new lease of life. I will be back every now and then to maintain this standard of physical health and keep on top of things. Killarney is blessed to have him, just stand well clear if you come across him on a golf course!

Marble Surface

Elena Glass


I’ve seen Matteo several times and his treatments were fantastic. Wonderful human and professional. My experience of him was as someone who really knows how body works and is tuned in and considerate of the uniqueness of each body and all of its systems and processes. Matteo took time to make sure I was always comfortable and understood what he is doing and why. I was impressed at the depth of his expertise and his humility. I will definitely be back

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